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Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
April 16, 2016
Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post

Want to know one of my secrets for reducing the number of chemicals in my life and on my skin? It’s this: essential oil “perfume” in place of the scents I used to like. This is about as easy as it gets, friends! All you have to do is think about what smells yummy and dab it on. Then enjoy all the side-benefits that go along with smelling amazing and chemical free!

Here are a few of my favs:

For starters, there’s Joy. Great name, right?! I dab this blend behind my ears, on my wrists, and over my heart and breathe deeply to promote a normal, healthy emotional balance. Joy manages to smell both exotic and innocent at the same time. Not a bad combo, eh?

Then there’s Release. After spending years battling emotional and physical exhaustion in a spiritually-crippling environment, I left and launched out on a new path. Since joining Young Living, I’ve used this blend to help me connect with my emotions as the Lord and I work on unpacking baggage from the past. We all have it. Don’t you want to let it go?

Sometimes it’s tough to keep a cool head! When I need a little extra somethin’ somethin’, Dragon Time goes a long way toward supporting a healthy hormone balance. Goodbye, hot head; hello, calm, cool, and collected!

And then there’s Stress Away. Just use this any time you wish you were on vacation at your favorite island hideaway with your special someone. Okay, every day.

Stress away

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