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Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
April 15, 2015
Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post

This is Part 2 of a series. Part 1 was published yesterday (4/14/15).

Once I decided that THIS was the goal I needed to accomplish to start the momentum, I followed several steps to make it happen.

Step One – Create a list

Make a list of everything (and anything!) you can think of that needs to happen. This is really a brain drain … get it out of your head and onto paper. Don’t worry about ordering the steps, just list all the components.

When I did this, I ended up with a list of 40-50 things, everything from declutter the desk drawer to create a Pinterest board for ideas to order a special oil to diffuse once the room is finished.

Step Two – Consolidate your To Do List

In the process of doing the 30 Day Challenge, Chalene challenged us to create a to-do list. I hadn’t done this in a long time! I mean, I would sometimes make lists for the day, but I wasn’t consistent with it. The result? Lots and lots of mental clutter and thoughts of, “What WAS that thing that I wanted to do sometime?” You know what I mean?

office couch

Step Three – Categorize your To-Do Items

My list ended up being divided into these categories: Push Goal, Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, and Soon. Once I wrote out everything I could think of to do, I shuffled the items into one of these six categories.  Chalene’s really big on doing this on your smart phone, but I’m just keeping a list on my computer right now while I save up for a newer version iPhone. Turns out there are a LOT of apps out there to help you stay focused, but the ones I looked at were all optimized for a snazzier phone than I currently own.

Step Four – Make your push goal your priority.

One of my downfalls in the past has been to put off things like a Push Goal because, while I can see they are important, they just don’t feel like the most urgent things that need accomplishing. But, doing this challenge reminded me of an important tip: by taking things one small chunk at a time, you eventually get them all done.

A large task doesn’t feel overwhelming when all you’re doing is checking 2-3 items off your list each day.  I gave myself an hour a day – most days – for working on this. And, once the hour was over, I moved on to other things. Now there were days when I needed a bigger block of time – my shopping days! But, on a typical day, I just worked on this for an hour or so each morning and then moved on to other things. I gave myself until the end of May to get this done, but I finished TODAY (April 14)!!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any “before” pictures. Seeing those would have made this reveal pack a much bigger punch. But here you go anyway: our updated, decluttered, super-functional, new favorite room …

Office window and shelves

Office shelves in order

Office back of door

Office behind the door

office work space

A post like this wouldn’t be complete without a HUGE shout out to my husband, Phil. He has supported me through the process, cheered me on, and boosted my morale by secretly taking care of “to do” items when I was away. (The day I came home to discover he had repainted the ceiling, I almost swooned!)


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