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Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
February 16, 2016
Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post

Have you ever heard a statistic and felt a sinking feeling from your tummy to your toes? That’s how I felt this summer when I heard a PhD talk about the number of chemicals we get exposed to daily through our air, water, fabrics, you know … “little” things like that. I wanted to make a change but didn’t quite know where to start.

Then I had a thought: if I wanted to start with one change that could make the biggest difference right away, what would it be? Bang for the buck, people. Have you ever thought like that? If you’re thinking about making an investment, you want the biggest return for your hard-earned dollars, right? Same idea.

So, here’s what I decided. The easiest place to start reducing chemicals for me was the laundry room, because a couple simple switches there affect every fabric that touches my skin, from the clothes I wear, to the towels I use after showering, and the sheets I sleep between. I made this decision right around the time Young Living debuted their concentrated laundry detergent. So, bingo! You guessed it. I snagged a bottle and went to work systematically reducing my chemical exposure one load of laundry at a time.

new-laundry soap


With its sweet, cinnamon-y smell, this laundry soap has all of our textiles smelling amazing. I was so inspired I actually took another step and ordered some wool dryer balls to replace the dryer sheets I’d been using. Now, when I take the clean clothes out of the washer, I throw them in the dryer, add a couple drops of essential oil to the wool balls, and voila! It’s done. (Lemongrass and Geranium are my current favs, by the way.)

Reduced chemicals. Simplified laundry routine. Clean clothes. Smaller environmental footprint. Now that’s simple!

Once you make this first switch, you’ll soon be excited about “Step Two.” Here’s some inspiration (aka. “true confession!”) to get you thinking:

cleaning with thieves

What about you? Want to make a simple change that packs a big difference? Contact me and let’s talk about how Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products can help you achieve your goals for better wellness. Whether you want to start in the laundry room, the gym, or the kitchen, there are a wealth of resources just a few clicks away!

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