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Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
April 5, 2014
Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post


Lemon essential oil is like sunshine in a bottle. Seriously! Since joining Young Living, I’ve rarely gone a day without lemon: inhaled, rubbed on the skin, or flavoring a drink; I’ll take it any way I can get it!

For starters, I like to put a drop or two in my hands, rub them together, then cup them in front of my face and breathe deep. That liquid sunshine floats right past the blood/brain barrier and goes straight to work. It’s a natural mood lifter, kind of like sunshine twinkling through a window pane or dancing on daffodils.

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue about 15 years ago, and since then I’ve used natural things off and on to help promote and support emotional balance and stability. Once I started incorporating this oil into my daily routine I felt like my heart and soul could stand on their own. Just like sunshine, lemon essential oil seems to shine light and health onto whatever it touches.

I add a drop or two to each glass of drinking water throughout the day for the alkalizing effect, not to mention the light taste. It’s also great in green smoothies where the citrus properties assist the body in absorbing what it needs from the greens. (Did you know the acid in citrus fruit helps the body better absorb greens?!)

A few drops added to a cup or two of Epson salts works wonders in a bath to neutralize chemical smells and promote healthy skin. I may share more about Epson salt baths in another post, but talk about a simple way to promote health! Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, soaking in a tub full of oily mineral goodness is a fantastic way to get more of what you need without increasing the load on your gut.

In general, that goes for essential oils in general. This has been a huge part of the draw for me! This time last year, I knew my digestive system was no longer working as well as it should. By transitioning to using oils rather than handfuls of supplements each day, I’ve given my gut time to cleanse and heal while my skin does the work of absorbing the goodness of these plants.

One word of caution … well, maybe two. First, sun exposure to lemon-kissed skin that happens less than 24 hours from application can cause brown spots to occur. So be mindful when using it on skin that will be exposed. Walking to your car is one thing. Hours of gardening or sunbathing is another!

And second, well, you just might get addicted to it and never want to be without it. The good news? Lemon oil isn’t free, but it IS one of the most economical oils to keep on hand. If you’re interested in trying some, please comment below, shoot me an email, or give me a call. I’d love to help send a more sunshine your way!

Note: I know it already says this on the website, but I want to be clear that Young Living is the only brand of essential oils that I can recommend using in these ways and none of the experiences I’ve described should be construed as offering advice for anyone else.

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