Why wellness is so important to cultivating a quiet life

Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
January 1, 2017
Lauren Vandermeer Blog Post
In 2016, I became convinced, deep down in my soul, that wellness – on all levels – is worth whatever effort and investment it takes. As we move into 2017, I’m committed to making *this* a year for cultivating a quiet life. Because, at least for me, I know these things fit well in the life I want to live: quiet, simplicity, intentionality. Sound good?!
cultivate a quiet life
To kick off the year, I want to share a series of thoughts of what wellness looks like, like *really* looks like. I recorded a short video that explains one of the first “ah ha” moments I had last summer as I was reflecting on a truth I haven’t always understood.

In this next post, we’ll talk about one of the key reasons wellness is so important. To make sure you don’t miss it, be sure to sign up to receive a notice when it’s posted. See you soon!

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